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Priceless Moments

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Raskoh: " I know you always wanted a blonde dog,but...?"

BAD Dog!!!!!!
..but soo cute digging his way in the sand! Look at his face when he was finished !But who cares..



Facts about Ozzy:

Gold'N Copper Blues For U, or Ozzy as he is called at a daily basis, was born January 25th. 2001, in Sweden at Kennel Gold'N Copper. He is a male, and his colour is called domino.

Unfortunately, Ozzy had to die so much,much too young. The main reason I put him to sleep was because he was going to get blind,- but probably Ozzy was'nt healthy in many ways. First of all he was only 54 cm tall - that's 20 cm below his standards, and was only 11,8 kg in many ways he was a miniafghan-hound. Now that I could of course live with, because he really was the cutest little thing on earth! However, he didn't manage too well at a daily basis. He had problems when he met other dogs,-didn't see them all the times and was very confused. He had problems walking up the mountain...fell and stumbled. He was also a very shy and careful dog, and this probably was because of his problems seeing. The veterinary meant there was little to do,and assumed after looking on Ozzy that he was sick in other ways too. Some people say it might have been a kidney-disease,- there's a lot of opinions. However,-Ozzy had a short but happy life with me and he certainly gave a lot of happiness to me as well - I'll always remember this funny little creature unlike any other dog I've known.

Now I only want to remember him for that, and leave all the sorrow behind me. What's happened has happened.....and I'm greatful for the 18 months he was with me!

Int. S F N Ch. A'Rosafan Bluetime Print

S N FIn UCh Gold'N Copper Have An Ice day