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Sai-I-Nara's Kim

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Thank you Kim for everything you were to me, and for all the good memories you left. I'll keep you in my heart forever!

24/3-87 - 7/4-oo




I can not leave my dear, dear Kim out of Ozzy's homepages - although Kim is dead, he still is my best friend ever.
Here he is just a little puppy, and has just arrived his new home. Everything was so exciting...both for Kim and his new owner.

Kim and I went to shows near-by, but the judges all said the same...he was to cute and feminine! Now how can that be?
Anyway - he did receive one cert, a lot of ck's and even BIR! I'm sure if I had gone to more shows I could make him a champion, but that was and still is not the main reason I have a dog.

Kim, pictured here 12 years of age. Fresh from having a bath,beeing groomed and looking sooo good. And didn't he know it! Unfortunately, because of his age I cut his long beautiful hair not so long after this picture was taken.I cried doing it - thought it was terrible, but the dog became a new dog afterwards...I could tell he felt so much easier so immediately I knew I had done the right thing.

Kim was my best companion wherever I went, and we had so many fantastic trips up the mountain. And Kim certainly loved it there. He even understood when he was asked:"Do you want to go up the mountain?" - and was immediately ready to go. He came along with me until he was over eleven years, but after having a stroke he got more and more problems with his legs and could not walk too far.